Innovation  as  one  of  the  key  drivers  of  economic  development  required  the significant  involvement  of  transfer  of  ideas  to  successful  application.  Furthermore, micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) is identified as the basic element in the innovation system. So, involvement of MSME in developing innovation capability in a  nation  should  be  considered.  In  other  side,  University  and  publicly  funded research  Institute  provide  technology  solutions  for  MSME  to  strengthen  their competitiveness.  The  scientific  community,  as  technology  provider,  must  require another  agent  to  get  a  close  link  with  MSME  as  their  user.  When  intermediaries undertake  their  function,  the  policy  makers  should  acknowledge  their  role  and authority to support this mechanism. This paper shows the role of social contract in aligning  science  and  universities  to  societal  needs.  It  includes  social  contracts between  science  and  university,  on  the  one  hand,  and  the  Government,  on  the other.    State  is  belief  as  only  exists  to  serve  the  will  of  the  people  which  is  the source of all political power and also autonomy for budget. 

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Penerbit:International Seminar Enhancing Grassroots Innovation Competitiveness for Poverty Alleviation (EGICPA)
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Penulis:Syafrizal Maludin
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