Micro,  small  and  medium  enterprise  (MSME)  is  the  essential  factor  in  economic  development  in  either developed or  developing countries. University and publicly funded research (R&Ds) have contributed actively to  promote  the  capability  of  MSME  and  strengthen  the  competitiveness.  Furthermore,  it  required  exclusive approach  in  transferring  technology  in  different  sector  of  industry.  The  New  Balance  Concept  is  a  new approach in developing technology based MSME in agricultural sector. The work outlined in this paper is a pilot investigation to application of new technology for  rural community, which  is  the  major  player  of  economy.  Proper  model  of  technology  transfer,  which  fit  to  particular  socio- economic condition will achieve expected outcome.

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Jenis:International Journal
Penerbit:International Conference for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Small Business
Kata Kunci:MSMEtechnology transferR&D institutionnew balance concept

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Penulis:Syafrizal Maludin
Laman Pribadi:http://sivitas.lipi.go.id/syaf003/
Google Cendikia:http://scholar.google.co.id/citations?user=nGuxm7cAAAAJ&hl=en

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