National system of Innovation is a complex and open system which focuses on structure and dynamics of strategic, knowledge production and learning institutional competency. This concept includes Socio-economic and cultures as fundamental factor to construct the system. Upgrading the fundamental factor requires Meta capacity development to learn and innovate. Moreover, NIS is also defined as network in national institutions and their incentives structure which determine the rate and direction of technological learning country. this include the activities of firm as the key determinant of success. Hence, it is recommended to lead model of socio-economic evolution in Indonesian Innovation System.

As it is scientifically acknowledge, social and economic systems plays vital rote in NIS through its capability to create and adjust change. However, regulator is likely put less consideration to this element among other physcial factor such technology, financial and market

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Publisher:Buku Ekonomi Inovasi. Lembaga Pengembangan Inovasi dan Kewirausahaan ITB, Bandung
Keywords:national innovation systemsocio-economic system

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Author:Syafrizal Maludin
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