Innovation has turned to be a popular word, discussed on TV and seminars, from food street vendors to the President. The important role of innovation is also recognized.  It is the right momentum to turn this holy word to reality. Dodgson, Gann and Salter (2005) stated that: “Technology is a replicable artifact with practical application and the knowledge that enables it to be developed and used which manifested in new products, processes, and sys- tems, including the knowledge and capabilities needed to deliver functionality that is reproducible.”1  Science usually connects with scientific researches that tend to work as basic researches without regard to the motivation of scientists or researchers to gain commercial values.  It is so likely to see science as abstract and far from any kind of practical application. On the contrary technology is more applicable and more practical. 

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Type:International Journal
Publisher:The Indonesian Quarterly, 2nd Quarter, Vol 39 No 2, 2011
Keywords:innovationsutainable developmentoil palm industry

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Author:Syafrizal Maludin
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