All In One IPR Services

Center of Innovation LIPI is one of department in Indonesia which has intregated the process of searching, drafting, registering and maintenancing of Intelectual Property Right (IPR) with the commercialization process. With the power of two division, the center are prepared well to commercialize the excellence research and development in LIPI

Commercial Stage of Innovation

Center of Innovation LIPI facilitate any excellent research in each department of LIPI trough several stage in accordance with the stage of its research. If the research at proof of concept stage is  so we enhance the research trough Limited Scale Product Development Stage. Jika konsep dari penelitian sudah terbukti nyata dan ada pasarnya, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah pengembangan ke arah pra-inkubasi/inkubasi. Jika produk penelitian sudah siap untuk dikomersilkan maka Pusat Inovasi LIPI melakukan disemenasi produk dan introduksi ke industri/masyarakat melalui berbagai kegiatan expo.

Business Incubator

Incubator Business Services are develop as the development of Gedung Inovasi LIPI begin to operate. This building have several tenant office rooms and large capacity workshop facility. Before the glory, all of incubation processess of excellent research in LIPI using each department facility which spread all over Indonesia. This services are separated in three categories:

  1. Limited Scale/Prototipe Product Development
  2. Pre-Incubation Scale Product Development
  3. Incubation Scale Product Development


In here, in Center of Innovation LIPI we have competence to apply the excellence research and development in LIPI to be implemented in various region in Indonesia. With the ability to analyze technology, research the market need and beneficiary of the product, we believe we can colaborate to succesfully built Sustainable Regional National Innovation System.