About Us

Center for Innovation known as Pusat Inovasi LIPI, was established at June, 2001. This center is one of 22 LIPI's research department which is widely spread all over Indonesia.Instead of research center, LIPI also has 5 Beareus, Inspectorate, 20 Technical Implementation Units. Center for Innovation LIPI working under Scientific Services Deputy.

As February 13, 2013, Center for Innovation LIPI has moved to new office building located in Cibinong Science Center-Botanical Garden (CSC-BG) Complex in Cibinong, West Java. This facility equipt with several office rooms for tenants, workshop, function rooms, meeting rooms, and display room to accelerate LIPI's research utilization into business and applied widely to users. This facility known as Incubator LIPI.

Main Tasks

Center for Innovation main tasks are:

  • Doing scientific studies, develop and support commercial activities for any partnership between LIPI's Research Centers and/or LIPI's Technical Implementation Units with another organizations, especially with the industries in order to utilize LIPI's achievement in research and development.
  • Doing scientific studies and process on protection for intelectual properties LIPI's achievement in research and development.