Each region has its own characteristics which, if managed and developed properly can be a potential for the area. Bogor Regency with a vast territory and geographical position adjacent to the capital of Jakarta, as well as abundant natural resources must certainly start to innovate in order to improve competitiveness with other regions. Innovation is a technological innovation that can increase the selling value of natural resource management conducted by business actors or SMEs in Bogor Regency. This was conveyed by the Head of LIPI Innovation Center Prof. Mr. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, M.Eng, PhD as a guest speaker in Seminar and Regional Innovation Degree of Bogor Regency at IPB Graduation Building, Tuesday (22/8).

"LIPI is ready to facilitate Kabupaten Bogor regency in developing technological innovation that can support SMEs in the region of Bogor Regency with LIPI facilities and infrastructure", Nurul said. Nurul further explained that currently LIPI has 530 registered patents that are ready to be applied in the community. This patent can of course be transferred through the licensing of companies or SMEs in Bogor Regency.

In addition, the Innovation Center itself has a technology incubation program that is prepared to facilitate the entrepreneurs or SMEs in order to get assistance of technology development from LIPI. One example of SMEs that currently have received assistance facilitation technology incubation is PT. Pala Agri Indonesia with Sari Buah Pala product with Pala-Q brand. LIPI provide appropriate technology of nutmeg processing machine to PT. Pala Agri Indonesia. So that the cost of production can be lowered and the selling price increases.

LIPI has several production facilities that can be utilized by SMEs such as canning technology, nano material technology, organic fertilizer, and others. These technologies are ready for use by employers and SMEs Bogor District.

On the occasion of Regional Innovation Degree Bogor Regency, besides participating as a speaker in the seminar, previously LIPI also became a judge in determining the award winning Regional Innovation Degree Bogor regency. In addition, for 2 (two) new Regional Innovation Degree, LIPI participated in the exhibition by holding products of tenants built LIPI in an effort to motivate the business actors and SMEs who attended.