The Head Management Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) emphasizes LIPI's civitas to develop research that leads to science for science, science for scientific community and science for stakeholders. Science for Science is the contribution of LIPI in the development of science through the renewal of theory/method, the results of new findings, and reputable scientific papers. Science for Sientific Community which is the contribution of LIPI in educating the nation through the usefulness of the results of his research. "Lastly, Science for Stakeholder is the contribution of LIPI to the policy of the state and society through the giving of added value, the direction of policy, and the change of work pattern for the life of the nation through the results of his research," said Acting Chairman of LIPI, Bambang Subiyanto on the Working Visit of Head Management LIPI to LIPI Campus Cibinong, Bogor and Cibodas, which held in auditorium of Center for Innovation LIPI on Thursday (23/05).

 Bambang said in conducting the resulting research must be in accordance with the required stakeholders, or if it is appropriate should be sustainable. "I'm thinking how could the researcher from LIPI get the nobel prize. It takes a long time. But if not starting from now when again" said Bambang.

Bambang also explained that LIPI is currently developing a strategic plan (Renstra) LIPI which is expected to be prepared based on stakeholder needs. This strategic plan will determine the future strategy LIPI. This work visit was attended by all LIPI Leaders and LIPI civitas who campus in Cibinong, Bogor and Cibodas. (put)