In order to strengthen the commercialization strategy of the research results, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) held a discussion related to Commercializing Research and Development, which become main topic in the 2017 Southeast Asian Network Forum was held at Innovation Center Building, Bogor (1/11). The forum is a collaboration between LIPI and Kyoto University and Kyoto University Alumni Association, which aims to provide discussion and sharing experiences in Commercializing Research and Development, and the development of Science Technology Park (STP).

Acting chairmain the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Bambang Subiyanto, in his presentation said that the Government of Indonesia encourages collaboration between research institutions, academics, industry and government in the commercialization of research. One of them by making STP as a national priority program.

The Government of Indonesia already has a regulation that supports the development of technology transfer. In fact, all research institutes and universities in Indonesia have been directed to develop the results of research through commercialization and transfer of technology, so that the results of technology can be utilized by society and industry.

In the future,  we hope existence of Science Technology Park (STP) can become an integrated region that combines industry, universities, research and training centers, entrepreneurship, banking, central and local government in one location that enables the flow of information and technology more efficiently and quickly.

This forum was invited several speakers who provide experience in the commercialization of STP research and development results. One of the speakers from Kyoto University, Prof. Dr. Kayo Inaba, who provides an example of how the strategy developed by Kyoto University in collaboration between academia and industry. Kyoto University has successfully developed a comprehensive strategy of collaboration between academia and industry. Despite the high risk side but managed to get a comparable reward. In the same forum, also present speakers from Bogor Agricultural University, Gajah Mada University and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. The speakers from the three universities also provide experience and knowledge related to the development of STP in each university. (put)