In the Indonesia Science Expo (ISE) 2017, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) giving awards for people who are dedicated to research and science development and technology in Indonesia. One of this award is Technology Transfers (Altek) LIPI Award 2017.


Altek LIPI Award 2017 had given since 2015, by the purpose to appreciate the inventors/researchers of LIPI and also companies/business entities that have successfully transfer and receive/utilize LIPI technology. Many of LIPI’s innovative technology has been utilized by society, industry and other stakeholders. The utilization of LIPI technology by community and industry is done through transfer technology.


The process of transfer technology/commercialization that has been done by LIPI is part of the performance achievement of LIPI to encourage the independence and competitiveness of the nation through the application/utilization of science and technology by industry.


The process of technology transfer has succeeded to improve the national economy. The payments of licenses and royalties by LIPI have been contributing to the Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) to the state about Rp. 5.2 Billion (2001-2017). Moreover, the potential of economic turnover is Rp. 520 Billion and the estimated state income tax is about 65 Billion. Furthermore, technology transfer will increase employment for more than 1000 people.


Acting chairman of LIPI, Bambang Subiyanto congratulates the award recipients. "I hope through this Altek Award can give appreciation, also can encourage researchers to be able to spirited technopreneurship, keep working to involving science and technology, but also pay attention to business potential and the market from the results of his research. So that it can be useful for the community", Bambang said to the media, on the event of the ISE 2017 Awards on Wednesday (25/10) night, at Balai Kartini Jakarta.


Altek LIPI Award 2017 is awarded to the inventors are:

1. Research Center for Biomaterial, Researcher Dr.Ir. Wahyu Dwianto, M.Agr., and team;

2. Research Center for Chemical, Researchers Dr. Yenny Meliana, and team;

3. Research Center for Biological, Researcher Dr.rer.nat. Sarjiya Antonius and team; and

4. PKT Bogor Botanical Gardens, Researchers Dr. Ir. Sri Rahayu, M.Si, and team.


While for partners of companies/business entities are given to:

1. CV Putra Lingga Jaya;

2. Nano Herbal Indonesia (NHI);

3. PT. Agritek Tani Indonesia;

4. PT. Maju Makmur Utomo; and

5. Koperasi Nabati Lestari