The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), in accordance with its vision, is committed to encouraging the improvement of national competitiveness, especially the utilization of research results and technology development. One of the efforts is to conduct commercialization of research results. The commercialization of research results in Indonesia opens opportunities for strengthening the support of industrial competitiveness through partnerships with industry and by encouraging the growth of new business units established (startup company).


In the LIPI environment itself, the commercialization of research and development results into the task of Innovation Center, however it is expected that all internal work units of LIPI should understand the steps to commercialize in order to help improve the commercialization of research and development results that exist in the LIPI environment.


In order to improve the competence of human resources involved in the field of commercialization of research and development results, LIPI Innovation Center held a Serial Workshop on Powerful Research Commercialization which First Series was held on Tuesday (12/09) for Training for Trainer at LIPI in Jakarta and Second Series, on Thursday-Friday (14-15 / 09) for the General Participant both inside and outside LIPI in Bandung. This workshop is a follow-up of the development of cooperation between School of Business of The University of Queensland with LIPI Innovation Center with Professor Associate's main speaker. Damian Hine.


The materials in this workshop provide knowledge to the participants about the commercialization process based on the results of research and development, and train how to practice the commercialization within their respective working environment within and outside LIPI.


In his opening address, Plt. Head of LIPI Prof. Dr. Bambang Subiyanto, M.Agr. hoping that this Serial Workshop could become a means of communication from the growth of technopreneurship spirit that can develop technology transfer process especially oriented to the utilization of research and development result and can push the role of science and technology in improving nation competitiveness. (PUT/PAR)