Jakarta, August 23, 2017 - Continuing the tradition that has been built before, in the year 2017 the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) through Center for Innovation under the Deputy of Scientific Services - LIPI again held a show of appreciation to the inventors who have obtained a patent certificate and registered as an Intangible Assets (ATB) owned by the state through the Inventor Awards. In contrast to previous years, in 2017 also celebrate the Breeder Awards. Both awards are held in conjunction with the 50th LIPI Gold Birthday celebration. The Inventor Awards are awarded to inventors who have received a Patent certificate, the Breeder Awards are awarded to breeders who have been certified Plant Variety Protection (PVP).


Inventors and breeders are intellectual assets of LIPI who should be rewarded for the works they have produced. It aims to increase the motivation of researchers and breeders to keep pace in generating invention and innovation in the field of agriculture based on natural resources. Researchers and breeders are expected to become more active in assembling new plant varieties that benefit the wider community. The above mentioned the background of the Inventor and Breeder Awards 2017.


Inventor and Breeder Awards 2017 was held in a series of activities with the 50th Anniversary of LIPI Gold at Auditorium Floor 2 Widya Graha Building Jakarta on August 23, 2017. This activity aims to reward employees / researchers LIPI on productivity in the field of Intellectual Property Rights as well as develop the spirit of innovation in the environment researchers. The target of this activity is the completion of the award of Inventor and Breeder Awards LIPI to the LIPI Employee / Researcher who succeeded in finding an invention and has obtained the patent certificate from Directorate General of Intellectual Property - Kemenkumham RI and the discovery of new varieties that have obtained PVP certificate from Center for Plant Variety Protection and Agricultural Licensing - Ministry of Agriculture.


In 2017 there were 31 invents with 110 inventors from 12 patent applicants who got Inventor Awards 2017 and 5 PVT with breeder number 8 people from Bogor Plantation Conservation Center as proposer of PVT. The Innovation Center provides awards in the form of a plaque, plaque, copy of certificate, and a Decree from the Head of LIPI to each inventor and breeder, and a sum of money for each invention and PVP certified. Appreciation to inventors and breeders is given to the invention and new varieties that have been recorded to the country's intangible assets. The patent and PVT certificate from LIPI represents a real contribution in increasing the number of national patents and PVPs. (THP)