Center for Innovation, The Indonesian Institute of Science has succeeded in increasing the number of patent applications compared to the previous year, even exceeding the set targets. Achievements for patent registration in 2017 reached 159 patents, 2 industry designs, 5 copyrights and 159 patents were evaluated. This achievement encourage in 2017, Center for Innovation gained excellent performance. Based on SMART Ministry of Finance, Center for Innovation occupies the first position in the performance assessment of RKAKL 2017 implementation in internal LIPI.

Achievements in patent is one of the three main priority achievements of Center for Innovation, that is patent registration, license and creation of technology based newbies (PPBT). In 2017, the license has been achieved as many as 6 licenses from target 7 license. As for the creation of technology-based novice companies have managed to get 10 (ten) tenants.

Center for Innovation has a very important role in downstream technology produced by Research Center in internal LIPI. So that the three major achievements of Center for Innovation have a great impact on LIPI's performance in realizing world-class science institutions in research, development and utilization of science to improve the nation's competitiveness.

Besides the main achievements, during the year 2017 Center for Innovation has implemented various technology dissemination and training of human resources in order to increase the ability of downstream technology. Together with BKHH, Center for Innovation participates in the preparation of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and successfully cooperates with various stakeholders such as ministries / other institutions, academics, local government as well as with other countries such as China and Japan.

While in terms of budget, the percentage of realization reached 94.99%, where the budget of Center for Innovation LIPI priority for public services by 61.47%. In the past two years, Center for Innovation's budget has increased. This is a testament to the commitment of leaders to encourage how to realize research that can be commercialized and utilized for public. The increase in budget in consequence of the responsibility of Center for Innovation in the implementation of Cibinong Science Technology Park (CSTP) program which is one of the national priority programs.

The task of realizing Cibinong Science Technology Park (CSTP) as a R & D Center for R & D Technology is not easy. However, Center for Innovation continues to work hard to make it happen with various strategies. This was conveyed by the Head of Center for Innovation LIPI, Mr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman recently. Nurul further said the success in the research commercialized must be supported by all researchers and departement in internal LIPI. So it takes work together to realize world-class science institutions. (put)