gambar Comission VII of DPR RI visit Center for Innovation, LIPI

Cibinong, April, 25th 2017, The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) invites the Comission VII of the House of Representatives to visit LIPI’s Science & Techno Park in Cibinong in the framework of Science Briefing for Parliament in order to disseminate information on LIPI programs and activities to stakeholders. This activity is part of LIPI’s responsibility to the community through its representative in DPR RI.

Head of LIPI, Prof. Iskandar Zulkarnain, said, this activity is expected to established a strategic partnership between LIPI with the Parliament in various aspects. The first aspect is a two-way brainstorming between LIPI dan parliament towards LIPI program and activities as well as enrichment and input from DPR to LIPI. In the second aspect, the members of parliament directly review the implementation and achievement of STP LIPI, centered on LIPI Innovation building and C-STP LIPI Cibinong,

“LIPI wants to show how STP LIPI built and expected to be a national STP model, said Iskandar.

In its young age, C-STP LIPI has successfully facilitated the establishment of 8 startups companies, 5 technology licences, 10 technologies utilized by various community groups and SME’s, 14 technologies developed, and more than 250 community and SME’s trained in various aspects of technology utilization.

STP LIPI welcomes collaboration with local and international partners in the development of STP LIPI area and in order to accelerate technological development and commercialization, development of PPBT, and enhance domestic industry competitiveness. (FR)