Local Government (Pemda) became one of the partners who play an important role in the success of Research, Development and Utilization of Science and Technology conducted by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Therefore LIPI continually strives to cooperate with local governments to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology so that the technology can be utilized by local government and most importantly can be directly perceived by the community. This was stated by Plt. Head of LIPI, Bambang Subiyanto in the signing ceremony of Joint Agreement LIPI with Local Government Bogor Regency in Bogor not long ago.

Bambang further said that the Regional Government of Bogor Regency became the regional government this year is expected to become partners LIPI considering most of the research and development sites LIPI is in Bogor Regency, more precisely Cibinong. So that with this mutual agreement, LIPI hopes together with the Regional Government Bogor Regency can develop and utilize the potential of Bogor Regency and increase the capacity of human resources and local institutions through the application of technology to support regional development.

The scope of this Joint Agreement covers several issues such as the first, research, assessment, and development as well as the sustainable use of natural resources and environment. Second, the assessment and implementation of integrated regional development in accordance with the carrying capacity of natural resources and the environment. Third, capacity building of human resources. Fourth, the improvement of Cibinong Science Center-Botanical Garden LIPI area, especially in the utilization area / Innovation Center. Fifth, exchange of information and data, and finally other activities agreed upon by the parties.

In signing this cooperation, attended Bogor Regent Ibu Hj. Nurhayanti, SH, MM, Msi and their staffs. While from LIPI itself in addition attended by Plt. Head of LIPI also some High Official and Senior High Official in LIPI. (PUT/PAR)