Valuation Technology is an important activity in the early process of commercialization and transfer of technology. Technology valuation will give an idea of ​​economic value owned by a technology. For the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), research technology (invention) is an asset that must be assessed economically. Therefore, it is important for human resources in LIPI to be able to do technology valuation. This was stated by Deputy of Scientific Services, DR. Mego Pinandito, M.Eng at the opening of the Valuation Technology Workshop of Indonesian Institute of Sciences, in Bandung recently.

 The evaluation phase in a business feasibility study is a process of comparing something with one or more standard criteria that is both quantitative and qualitative, especially regarding the cost (cost) incurred with the benefit (benefit) to be obtained.

 "The workshop is intended to improve the researcher's understanding of the commercial value of his research results in the form of Intellectual Property (KI), especially patents in order to encourage the utilization of KI LIPI technology by industry or other parties for commercial purposes" said Mego.

 Mego further said the valuation is done on Intellectual Property (IP), especially patents that have great potential to be commercial or can provide great value for business or industry. Intellectual property is a product of intellectual assets that should be exploited commercially in order to have value. The value of KI is the key determinant of business value.

 The importance of valuing KIs by government R & D agencies, in particular patents, is reinforced by Government Regulation Number 6 of 2006, which states that all items purchased or obtained at the expense of the APBN are either state property or state assets. Thus, KI from public R & D institutions as a result of government-funded research and development is also a state asset. It must therefore be protected and it needs to be set in value. The regulation is also supported by Head of LIPI Regulation no. 1 of 2018 on Intellectual Property Technology Transfer and Management as well as Research and Development Results within the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. The purpose of the issuance of this Regulation of Head of LIPI is to regulate Goverment and Technology Transfer of KI and Research and Development Result in LIPI, encourage the dissemination and utilization of science and technology to improve national competitiveness and community welfare, increase synergy cooperation between Work Unit in implementation Governance and Technology Transfer and Research and Development of LIPI, and strengthen the network between LIPI Work Unit and potential partners in accelerating Technology Transfer KI and Research and Development of LIPI.