The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) on Wednesday (16/8) at the Auditorium LIPI Jakarta confirmed the Head of Innovation Center Mr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman as one of Research Professor from the three newly established Research Professors.

In the inauguration of Professor of Research of LIPI, Nurul delivered speech entitled Development of Nano Material Based on Indonesian Natural Resources and its Application to Industry. According to him, nanotechnology becomes a very important issue, especially in the context of value-added Natural Resources (SDA) Indonesia, both mineral and biological. By processing the natural resources of Indonesia and using nanotechnology, can be made nano materials as raw materials of national industry and also have the opportunity to become import raw material substitute.


Various methods and tools, especially ball mill based (grinder) has been successfully developed to make nano materials from various SDA Indonesia. Patented methods and tools have been used in universities, research and development centers of ministries / agencies and industries for research and development of commercial products. This achievement not only contributes to the development of R & D of nanotechnology, but also significantly contributes to the value-added of Indonesia's natural resources to industrial raw materials and drives the national economy.

Head of LIPI, Bambang Subiyanto hopes that with the increase of Research Professor in LIPI, the contribution and benefit of LIPI to the community and stakeholders through improving the quality of the researcher human resources, improving the quality of the research result, and the selection of research topics that are oriented to the national needs. This is in line with LIPI's vision of Creating a Science Invention that Encourages Innovation in Order to Improve the Competitiveness of the Nation's Economy.

Then, he hopes that the Research Professors will contribute to the 50th anniversary of LIPI this year. This year's birthday is a momentum for LIPI to reflect and simultaneously present the results of research and innovation for half a century LIPI stands.


On the other hand, Bambang expects Research Professors to constantly nurture, motivate and model examples to young researchers in their workplace. This is so that the regeneration of professional researchers and high integrity continues well. (Public Relations LIPI)