About Plant Variety Protection

Plant Variety Protection rights is the right given to breeders and PVP or rights holder to use their own varieties results exaltation or give approval to any person or other legal entity to use it for a certain time (Article 1, paragraph (2) of Law No. 29 Year 2000 on Plant Variety Protection). Thereby given protection to the plant varieties produced by plant breeders through plant breeding. plant Varieties are a group of plant of a particular type or species is characterized by the shape of plant, plant growth, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, and expression characteristics of the genotype or combination of genotypes which can distinguish of similar type or species by at least one properties that specify and if propagated does not change.

PVP given to the type or variety of plant species which new, distinct, uniform, stable, and given a name. A variety is considered new if at the time of acceptance of the application PVP, propagation material or the harvest of these varieties has not been traded in Indonesia or traded but not more than one year, or have been trafficked abroad no more than four years to seasonal plants and six years to annual plant. While the variety criteria considered unique if these varieties can be clearly distinguished from other varieties whose existence is already publicly known at the time of acceptance of the application of PVP. Varieties are considered uniform if the primary or important properties in these varieties proved uniform although it varies as a result of planting method and different environments. While some varieties are considered stable if its properties does not change after repeated planted, or to which propagated through special reproduction cycles, does not change at the end of each cycle.

Under article 4 of Law no. 29 of 2000 on Plant Varieties Protection, the term of protection provided is for twenty years to seasonal plants and twenty-five years to annual plant. Definition of annual plant intended to type of trees and vines which production period more than one year, while others referred to as seasonal plants. In Indonesia, the PVP can be registered to PVP Center, Ministry of Agriculture.