About Industrial Design

The definition of Industrial refers to Law No. 31 Year 2000 on Industrial Design which defines Industrial Designs as a creation of shape(s), configuration(s) or composition of line(s) or color(s), or line(s) and color(s), or combination thereof being formed as three or two dimensional giving aesthetic impression and enabling to be embodied in three or two dimensional patterns and enabling to be applied to produce products, goods, industrial commodities or handicrafts.

Designer who produces Industrial Designs will be granted a kind of protection right called Industrial Design. According to IP Module published by DJHKI, Industrial Design is defined as an exclusive right granted by the State of the Republic of Indonesia to Designer(s) upon his creation over a certain period of time to apply by him, or to license to any other party to do so.

Protection period of the Industrial Design is 10 years from the filing date, and not extendable. Industrial Designs which are often found today are the designs or shapes of the smartphones of various brands and each have to express distinctive designs. In case of that they are supposed to be similarities between one to another designs then the case can be brought before the law.

LIPI has filed 11 Industrial Design at the Directorate General of IPR, where the registration has been conducting since 2003. The Development of Industrial Design filed by LIPI is demonstrated in the following graph.

desain industri LIPI