PT Panen Energi

Category Energy Tagged SorghumPT Panen Energi

With the limited resources of oil and gas around the world, the various world agencies competing to develop alternative renewable energy. One of the tenant from LIPI is PT Panen Energi engaged in the development of biomass-based energy. Currently, PT Panen Energi to develop a suitable…
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Sorghum Japan Co. LTd.

Sorghum is a cereal crop that is currently less popular than other grain crops. Development of sorghum as productive plants can be used throughout the plant. The seeds can be used as a food ingredient and flour. The trunk can be squeezed into ethanol and liquid sugar. Bagasnya processed as partikel.…
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PT Media Parasia Sehat

Category Healthness Tagged agro industryMPSTensihatherbal

PT Media Parasia Sehat is a company engaged in the development of herbal medicines. The company is developing drugs based on herbal extracts selected materials and processed with the latest technology. One of the flagship products of PT Media Parasia Sehat is Tensihat. Tensihat are products devoted…
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PT Tritunggal Pratama Global

Category Energy Tagged LPGenergyTPGgaskit

PT Tritunggal Prakarsa Global (TPG) is startups company that focus in energy especially in vehicle gasoline optimization. The current product that now being introduce and being initial production is GASKIT™. Gaskit is system to reduce the usage of daily gasoline in car or motocycle. The Gaskit…
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