Development of technology and business incubation conducted at LIPI based on Government Regulation No. 20 of 2005 , the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Results of Research and Development activities by the Institute of Higher Education and Research and development . The purpose of the Regulation is to disseminate science and technology and to improve the ability of communities to utilize and master of science and technology for the benefit of society . This rule is reinforced by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 27 Year 2013 on Entrepreneurial Incubator Development in an effort to boost national competitiveness via penumbuhkembangan new entrepreneurs are resilient , creative and professional and to optimize the utilization of human resources trained in moving the economy by utilizing science and technology 

Incubator was first developed in the state of New York in the United States adopted the concept in the area and other states . In 1984 there were 26 incubators across America and to date there are approximately 3,000 business incubators and technology around the world and has succeeded in establishing more than 19,000 companies . On the other hand , the approach according to the characteristics of the results of research in developing countries would give a better effect than with the management approach was adopted technology incubator system and mechanism of origin . With these considerations, the preparation of LIPI Incubator Tenant guide books play an important role as a handbook for the use of tenants in the incubator facility LIPI .

Inauguration of the Innovation Center made by the head of LIPI dated February 13, 2013 is a solid foundation in business technology incubator function is done in particular to LIPI . Through the building and facilities management services is expected the application of science and technology through the creation of wider young entrepreneurs .

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