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How Hedging Accelerate Development and Commercialization of Technology

Technological innovation has been widely recognized as a very important factor in strengthening firms’ competitiveness. Continuous launching of newly technology-based product by firms is aimed at keeping the firms staying competitive in the market. Large firms have capacity to evaluate and access technology they need from various sources…

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Understanding The Role of Social-Economic Dynamic under Indonesian Innovation System

National system of Innovation is a complex and open system which focuses on structure and dynamics of strategic, knowledge production and learning institutional competency. This concept includes Socio-economic and cultures as fundamental factor to construct the system. Upgrading the fundamental factor requires Meta capacity development…

Author Syafrizal Maludin Type Part of Book Keywords national innovation system, socio-economic system
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Innovation Technology for Sustainable Development: A Case Study on Palm Oil Industry

Innovation has turned to be a popular word, discussed on TV and seminars, from food street vendors to the President. The important role of innovation is also recognized.  It is the right momentum to turn this holy word to reality. Dodgson, Gann and Salter (2005) stated that: “Technology is a replicable artifact with practical…

Author Syafrizal Maludin Type International Journal Keywords innovation, sutainable development, oil palm industry
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Penerapan HACCP pada Produksi Gudeg Kaleng Tingkat IKM

"Penerapan HACCP pada Produksi Gudeg Kaleng Tingkat IKM" Jurnal Teknotan volume 8 Nomor 2 - Mei 2014, Fakultas Teknologi Industri Pertanian Universitas. Padjajaran dan PERTETA & PATPI, ISSN : 1978-1067.

Author Tommy Hendrix Type National Journal Keywords
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New Balanced Concept: An Innovative Approach in SME Development through Knowledge Transfer System in Indonesia

Micro,  small  and  medium  enterprise  (MSME)  is  the  essential  factor  in  economic  development  in  either developed or  developing countries. University and publicly funded research (R&Ds) have contributed actively to  promote  the  capability  of  MSME  and  strengthen  the  competitiveness.  Furthermore,…

Author Syafrizal Maludin Type International Journal Keywords MSME, technology transfer, R&D institution, new balance concept
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